The 4th International Conference held recently over the weekend of 20-22 May was very well received by those attending and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Families attending came from four continents – from Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Thailand and the USA, as well as the UK.

Chair of the RTS Support Group, Siobhan Lund, opened the event on Saturday morning, though most families had arrived the previous evening and shared a buffet meal together. Key speakers were Professors Raoul Hennekam  and Chris Oliver, and Dr Adam Shaw, who all made themselves available for a Q and A session and also individual consultations throughout the weekend (background details of speakers can be found in the conference booklet.) At the same time, a  number of seminars run by specialists in their fields were also offered throughout the weekend and their presentations are available here. In addition, there was a parent/carer Q and A to share knowledge and experience.

While all this was happening, children were being entertained in the creche and in the general play area, where the children’s entertainer was a real character.

 Throughout the event the hotel looked after us with plentiful and appetising food and refreshments. Families shared a seated evening meal on Saturday evening, and it wouldn’t have been an RTS UK event if we hadn’t had RTS Has Talent to follow, with many delightful performances, including from the Spanish and Italian choirs!

The conference closed at lunch on Sunday, with the general view being that it had been a very interesting and useful professionally organised weekend, which had, if anything, exceeded people’s expectations. Special thanks to everyone involved, including the families who came, the speakers and specialists who gave up their weekend, and the organising committee of the RTS Support Group who made it all happen.

We look forward to the next international conference, wherever that may be !