Past Fundraising Events

Activity Day at Caldecotte Xperience

Charity Dinner on 19th October in Headingley

A charity dinner is being held in Headingley Stadium at 7 pm in Headingley.

Tickets are £36 – which inlcude dinner, an auction, a raffle and comedian.

The event is organised by Chris Peat. To buy tickets please email him at


Did you take part in the University of Birmingham Study 10 years ago?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is a message for RTS Support Group members who took part in the University of Birmingham research questionnaire 10 years ago.  

If you were an RTS family that took part  in the University of Birmingham study 10 years ago would you be interested in supporting again by participating in the 10-year follow up questionnaire?  We are now continuing this project by carrying out a 10-year follow-up study to find out about changes and progress since we first contacted you. This is the first study to follow up people with RTS over such a long period of time and the results of this study will be important for understanding how people with RTS develop and change as they grow older. The more people that take part in the research, then the more meaningful the results are. A good response at this follow up will provide new and valuable information.

For further information on how you can access the survey please contact Dr Jane Waite, University of Birmingham via


RTS Sportsman’s Dinner 2016


The Sportsman’s Dinner was held on the evening of 14 October at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, home of the Leeds Rhinos. The event was well supported with around 150 attending.  Once again it was an evening of laughter, good food and great company.  The MC kept everyone in check, well as much as he could, and the speaker had the audience in stitches.   

Details of the RTS 2017 event will be published once finalised.  

Book your place on the next Sportsmen’s Dinner

The RTS Sportsman’s Dinner 2015 will mark 10 years since this very successful annual fundraising event was first held, so we’re going to make it a special one !

The fundraiser is open to all – the more, the merrier – and consists of an enjoyable evening of food, drink and bonhomie. Malcolm Lord, ex-BBC sporting commentator, will again be the MC, while John Stiles, son of famous ex-footballer Nobby, will be the speaker. There will be raffles and an auction and there are always some great prizes, but no doubt there’ll be a few extra-special ones this time round.

Venue: Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Date: Friday 16 October 2015

For details of ticket price, and to book your place, please contact John Peat on