The Radisson Blu at East Midlands Airport is such a great venue for our get-togethers, and Nov 28th saw a gratifyingly large number of families meet up for our annual Christmas bash. Being a single-day event this time round, it was a possibility that this would mean attendance was down a little on a weekend event, but in the end it was not so, and it was good to welcome a number of new families. Amongst many familiar activities (Mr Chuckle Chops, research participation, raffle, tombola – lunch !) we had a couple of new items – a kind of mutual-help forum with not only the questions coming from the floor but also the answers and suggestions, which seemed to  go down well; and a family game à la Generation Game with teams trying their hardest to get a duvet cover on while blindfolded and wrapping each other up like mummies, amongst other things. A lighthearted bit of fun.

One thing we couldn’t omit though was inviting Santa to pay a visit and he indeed dropped in with presents for all.  We finished off with a group photo and then it was all over.  We trust everyone had a safe journey home and we look forward to seeing many of you at our next event, the international conference.