Please consider joining our Committee and helping us manage and coordinate our activities. It doesn’t take up too much time and it will help to sustain our charity. The Committee is gettng low in number and we are a bit worried about the future of the group.

If you have been considering whether to get involved in the running of the Group, now is a good time! And if you haven’t thought of it before, why not consider it? 

What would becoming a member of the committee entail?
Members of the management committee are asked to become directors of the RTS Support Group, which is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Being a director means being responsible for running the company, which is of course also a charity, and meeting any legal requirements. But if it  ever became insolvent, the individual directors’ liability would be limited to £1.

You need to be willing and able to:

  • work as part of a team
  • attend about four meetings (two virtual; two physical) per year and claim travel expenses.
  • be moderately computer literate
  • take part in the committee’s decision-making
  • take on and progress action points
  • help at events (this is negotiable)

There are some other formalities to do with becoming a director, if you choose to do so.

Please contact the Chair, Siobhan Lund, at if you would like to get involved, or just want more information on becoming a committee member.