The number of people making up the management committee of the RTS Support Group has reduced gradually over the last couple of years, and with the loss of another two members earlier this year, and a further resignation taking effect next year, it has become urgent that more people are found if the current level of events and the Newsletter are to continue. Most committee members have been serving the Group for many years – some for well over 20 – and it is clear that new members are needed to secure its future, as well as to bring new ideas and energy to its activities.

If you have been considering whether to get involved in the running of the Group, now is the perfect opportunity! And if you haven’t thought of it before, why not consider it? 

What would becoming a member of the committee entail?
Members of the management committee are asked to become directors of the RTS Support Group, which is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Being a director means being responsible for running the company, which is of course also a charity, and meeting any legal requirements. But if it  ever became insolvent, the individual directors’ liability would be limited to £1.

You need to be willing and able to:
– work as part of a team
– attend meetings 3 or 4 times a year, including taking part in conference calls via Skype occasionally (mileage is payable for travel)
– take part in the committee’s decision-making
– take on and progress action points
– help at events (what and where are negotiable)

In this computer age, it is also essential that you have access to and are comfortable with using email and other common software on a computer or tablet.

There are some other requirements, such as being over 18 and not being disqualified from being a company director, which also apply, but we will go through these with potential applicants and for most people they will just be a formality.

Please contact the Chair, Siobhan Lund, at if you would like to get involved, or just want more information on becoming a committee member.