2nd December 2017 Family Day 

The RTS Family Day was held on Saturday, 2nd December 2017 at Letchworth Hall Hotel.  We were delighted to welcome new families who were quickly put at ease.  Attending your first event is usually difficult.  As a family you have no idea what to expect.  But as our families will tell you, once you have been to one event you will not be nervous again.  We are all just one big family and from the moment you walk through the door you will be welcomed into the group. 

We once again ran a creche and have found this to be a real winner.  It gives families the chance to relax and enjoy the seminars and/or just mix and mingle with other families.  


Dr Elizabeth Halstead PhD FHEA MBPsS gave a presentation on the issue of Challenging Behaviour.  View the presentation here  Challenging Behaviour RTS (1)

Once again our Celebration of Achievement was an emotional session.   Each small step is a large stride with our RTS individuals.  We listened to amazing stories, just proving how wonderful they all are.  We recognised the siblings too – they give so much and we are so proud of all of them.  

After a super lunch, the games began.   Families were put into teams and you had to Catch the Rat; Mousehole Golf; Table Football; Milk the Cow.  Have to say it was hilarious.  Everyone had a great time.  


And then it was the time everyone was waiting for …..  SANTA was due to arrive.  We were all watching out of the window and then we saw him.  But he was walking the wrong way.  We nearly lifted the roof off the hotel with all our shouting …. “Over here Santa, we are here Santa, come back Santa”.  At last, he heard us, turned and gave a big belly laugh.   The presents were given out and photos taken.  

And then time to make our weary way home.  

What a great day!    Some photos of the day here for you to enjoy.